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03 - 04 September, 2020


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Here’s How Johnson & Johnson is Changing the Talent Landscape with its Procurement Leadership Development Programme Internship

Most industries, including Procurement, are now reaching a point where the older generations of Baby Boomers are starting to retire, and the shiny new Millennial and GenZ generations are starting to populate the global workforce.

One of the defining characteristics of young people when it comes to employment, is they are far less likely to remain with a single employer for their entire careers. 60% of millennials are open to new job opportunities and roughly 21% switch jobs each year. This means companies need to find ways of keeping these people on board and helping them grow into their careers.

Nurturing the next generation of talented employees is a top priority for all fields and industries and Johnson & Johnson is no exception. Pharma is often seen as lagging somewhat behind in terms of procurement maturity, but with its Procurement Leadership Development Programme, the pharmaceutical giant is looking to buck that trend.

The Procurement Leadership Development Programme

With its new programme, Johnson & Johnson is looking to build on its reputation for a diverse company culture, by offering a way for employees with a flair for leadership to help bring products and solutions to the global marketplace.

Johnson & Johnson spends nearly $30 billion each year on procuring goods and services to support its supply chain, and managing such an integral and expensive arm of the business takes skill, knowledge, and no small amount of specialist training, which is where the Leadership Development Programme comes in. The hope is, by encouraging their participation in the programme, Johnson & Johnson can infuse its most talented younger employees with passion and commitment to the business and retain their valuable skills for many years to come.

“PLDP participants benefit from global leadership exposure and a wide range of networking opportunities,” said Johnson & Johnson on the programme’s online portal. “In addition to being paired with a senior leader mentor who can provide you with valuable insight and counsel, you'll also have an opportunity to interact with other senior leaders at Johnson & Johnson. And to hone your leadership skills, you'll prepare for and deliver presentations, and participate in immersion events and summits.”

The Perfect Candidate

The ideal characteristics suitable for the internship and subsequent programme include:

• A current student completing an MBA or graduate degree

• Minimum of three years of professional experience

• Coursework in supply chain, operations or logistics preferred

• Demonstrated leadership capabilities

• Ability to influence at all levels

• Excellent oral and written communication skills

The programme takes place over 10 to 12 weeks and has successful candidates working alongside experienced procurement professionals from whom they can gain valuable experience and insight. As well as working alongside these industry veterans, the interns will also get the opportunity to participate in immersion events, attend a leadership speaker series, tour manufacturing plants, and conduct community service, fully immersing themselves in all aspects of the procurement world.

They’ll also be involved with research and analytics for category strategy development, the development of best practices, processes, and tools, and operating company-specific projects for developing and implementing strategies to drive significant value, and more.

The Leadership Development Programme

Once the internship is successfully completed, interns will then be considered for entry into the full two-year Leadership Development Programme.

“The PLDP is a 2-year, non-rotational leadership programme for top external MBA, MS, MA and JD hires, and includes both functional & leadership training, senior mentorship, numerous networking opportunities, and culminates in a year-long “capstone” project in support of a key business challenge. Decisions for full-time positions will be made based on internship performance and business need. We welcome the opportunity to share how our small-company environments, combined with our big-company impact, can open the door to a world of career opportunities for you.”

The capstone project will involve participants being given a real challenge facing the Johnson & Johnson procurement business today and tasked with devising a solution which can be deployed within the company to solve the critical business need in question.

This gives the interns the chance to, not only gain experience working in the field, but have a real impact on the company moving forwards, all helping them to feel more of an integral part of the Johnson & Johnson family.

Final Thoughts

By offering programmes such as those being run by Johnson and Johnson, pharma can impassion the next generation of procurement professionals, and ensure they’re not letting the best of the world’s young talent slip through their fingers.

The changing talent landscape of pharma procurement is set to be a hot topic at ProcureCon Pharma 2019, in March, at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt. Please download the agenda today for more information and insights.

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